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  1. Chronical Consistency

    Turn the clock back a few weeks (months?), a friend from my past reminded me in passing that I had apparently stopped writing this blog. That reminder surprised me for two reasons: the time has passed so quickly since my departure from Cambridge a few months ago; and that anyone …

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  2. Epilogue II: Cambridge Boogaloo

    My previous epilogue was written almost a year ago, when I was finishing up my three years of undergraduate study at York. Since then -- thanks to how degrees work in the British system -- I have already gone and done another degree (MPhil) at Cambridge. This second epilogue is however written …

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  3. Epilogue

    So it has been rather quick: I have concluded my business with the University of York for now. It is nearly the end of road for Eboracum. The end result was more scared than hurt: I managed to scrape together the requirements for the best possible line they could award …

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  4. Winter Has Come

    The passing night has been comical -- to the degree that the mass sitting (or lying) watching the projector screen started behaving satirical, as if they were on the stage of a reality show. The little round hut in the middle of towering blocks looked like a perfect movie set: as …

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